15 Outdoor Patio Lighting Ideas That’ll Enhance Your Outdoor Space

After dark is when your patio space can really become magical. All it takes is the right lighting! Today we’re going to get inspired by 15 outdoor patio lighting ideas that’ll really enhance your outdoor space, making it enchanting, cozy, and above all, welcoming to both you and your guests!

We’ve chosen a fun assortment of outdoor patio lighting ideas that include several DIY projects, a few professionally built-in ideas, and many lighting fixtures you can install yourself at a very low cost. We hope you find something inspirational!


Rope Light Walkway: Outdoor Patio Lighting Ideas1. Use Rope Lights

Rope Lights are a great way to illuminate or define special features in your backyard. ChristmasLightsEtc shows you in pictorials how to use rope lights (which come in a variety of colors and lengths) to line walk-ways, against the base of stone walls, and to add deck lighting underneath hand-railings! Truly stunning!






Glowing Electric Wreath: Outdoor Patio Lighting Ideas2. Hang up an electric wreath

Here’s a beautiful lit-up wreath that you can hang by your patio as a both a decoration and a beautiful light fixture! Use for Christmas, or why not all through the year? No doubt you DIYers are already pondering the many different ways you could design something like this – for the details on how this particular one was made, check it out here at Sunset.com.



patio lighting with strands: outdoor patio lighting ideas3. Hang up strings of white (or colored) patio lights

There is no end to the ways you can use long strands of patio lights to transform your patio space at night. From the layout (V shape, zigzag, star, grid…) to the bulb type, size, and finish, whether you hang them on the ceiling, build a stand, or drape them in a tree, there’s just so much you can do!

Want to get all the details and tips on figuring out what’ll work best for your space? Check out “How To Plan And Hang Patio Lights” over at ChristmasLightsEtc. It’s incredibly comprehensive and covers all the details and options!




Best Patio Heaters 20184. Add a beautiful space heater that doubles as ambiance lighting!

Some nights spent outside on the patio can be a bit chilly. Warm up your guests with a lovely pyramid-style patio heater – these propane heaters have a glass tube in which the flames dance… throwing off beautiful lighting and of course, some welcome heat.

See: Best Patio Heaters 2020 for some top quality options.



Birdcage Lighting: Outdoor Patio Lighting Ideas5. Fill up a birdcage with lights (after you let the birds fly free).

We love this idea by GardenTherapy – use a metal birdcage (preferably something interesting looking, an antique, or something just plain beautiful), and fill it with waterproof, battery-operated LED lights. Aglow perched on a rock in your garden or hanging from a branch in a tree, it’ll creative some whimsy and fun as you and your guests pretend to have caught a collection of fairies!






Tiki Torch Planter: Outdoor Patio Lighting Ideas6. Build yourself a Tiki-Torch planter

If you’re looking for something simple and fun, you can easily DIY a ‘Tiki Torch Bouquet’ by placing some battery-operated torches into a tall planter. Play with heights, colors, and styles to make your illuminated bouquet interesting! (Pic from Pinterest, source unknown).






Outdoor Patio Lighting Ideas7. Add some fun patio lantern fixtures to your outer walls

Be they cheap plastic or heavy duty iron, patio lanterns can add some pizazz to your patio, or the outskirts of it! Mounting a few of these lanterns with solar-powered lighting inside will be an easy and maintenance free outdoor patio lighting idea!  Source: Running With Scissors





Outdoor Patio Lighting Ideas8. Add low-lighting to your walls

You can create some interest by adding some lower level lighting to your walls, sitting walls, edging, or wherever else it works. There are all sorts of colors and styles, so you can easily find something that’ll suit your design! Some even blend in nicely to the rocks! Image and info here



Outdoor Patio Lighting Ideas9. Wrap up your trees in lights!

Although in this picture (from Weddings By Lilly)  the trees are in the middle of the yard, why not bring this idea back towards the patio and light up the trees (or pergola posts?) by wrapping the trunks (or pillars) with long strands of white lights? It sets a romantic ambiance and is very inexpensive to do!






Outdoor patio lighting ideas10. Create a fairy light globe

Isn’t this such a whimsical outdoor patio lighting idea? A fabulous DIYer at From The Blue Shed turned 2 old wire baskets and a length of mini lights into this beautiful statement piece that young and old will admire! She calls it “A Fairy Light Globe” – a perfect name for it, no?






outdoor patio lights ideas11. Add some pops of color!

Who says colored lights are only for Christmas!? Hang a line (or several) of lovely large colored bulbs and create a scalloped edge along the side of your patio for a fun, cheery look! It’s definitely a different ambiance than soft white lights, but beautiful none-the-less! Source




Outdoor Patio Lighting Ideas: deck and railing lights12. Built-In Deck and Stair Lighting

Some outdoor patio lighting ideas are purely for aesthetic appeal, some for practical “we need more light out here” reasons, and some for safety. Built-in stair and railing lights on your deck are a perfect combination of all 3! They add some serious flair to your stairs, give necessary lighting in a place that can be very dark, and thus add some elements of safety to your deck stairs!  Check this out at Trex.com




Outdoor Patio Lighting Ideas13. Create a hanging wall of lights

Sometimes “less is more”… and sometimes “MORE is more!” This is one case where more lights means more beauty, more flare, and more EVERYTHING! You and your guests will love being cocooned by the soft lights if you set them up like in the photo! Built yourself a frame and get to hanging! Photo Pinterest, source unknown.






Hoola-Hoop Chandelier, Outdoor Patio Lighting Ideas14. Build A Fancy (Hoola Hoop) Chandelier

If you’re looking to DIY some sort of chandelier for your patio roof rafters, why not check out this idea at Sarah With An H ? With some very simple tools (hoop, lace, lights, glue gun) and some DIY talent, Sarah has designed herself a chandelier that’s a really romantic conversation piece… and a lovely fixture that will add some beautiful light to her porch!

Our idea? Install one of these beauties above your hot tub! (Check out our Best Inflatable Hot Tubs post for some economical options… not all of us can afford the real deal, but these are great!)




Outdoor Patio Lighting Ideas15. LED Lighting On Your Patio Umbrella

If you have access to some battery operated or solar powered LED lights, why not put them to good use by lining your patio umbrella with them? Make your al-fresco dining experience something special! Source





Ready to make your patio a place you don’t want to leave? Any of these outdoor patio lighting ideas will be a nice addition to your space! Do you have a favorite you’re going to try?


15 Outdoor Patio Lighting Ideas You'll Love!

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