Welcome to BestFoldingPicnicTables.com, where you’ll find everything you’ll want to know about the best folding picnic tables!

My name is Marlaine, and I’m the person behind this website.

Why would anyone make a website about the best folding picnic tables?  My husband asked me the same thing when I told him my plans for my latest hobby site.  My answer… because there doesn’t seem to be much in the way of reviews for these awesome products, and I’ve been noticing that they are pretty popular!  I love writing, helping others find great products, and playing around with websites. AND also… I love eating outdoors. (Much to my husband’s chagrin – he prefers the dining table. 🙂 )

That’s the second reason I picked this topic to write about for a while, actually.  Right now, where I live it’s JUST getting warm enough to feel like winter is passed. And I’m itching to start eating outside again!  Lunch times with my two little kiddos are pretty much always outside when it’s nice weather!  It can be more work, there can be bugs – but it’s all so worth it! I LOVE eating outside! And you need a great picnic table if you’re going to do it often.

Who wants one of those clunky, uncomfortable, old-style picnic tables that can’t be easily stored away for winter months? Or that are way, way too heavy to move? Portable or folding picnic tables are where it’s at!!

Come browse and enjoy! And let me know if I’ve helped out you with your search for the best folding picnic tables for YOUR needs!