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My name is Nate, I’m happily married and the father of two great kids! I love spending time with my family outdoors! Out and about, by the local lake, biking or hiking, you name it, we love spending time in the beautiful creation around us. Pretty much every day, however, weather-permitting, we find ourselves outside in our backyard. We love it there!

Our backyard is constantly evolving. When it was just my wife and myself, pretty gardens and relaxing lounge chairs were important. Enter our two active kids, and the focus changed. Now, our backyard has been redesigned to fit a fun kids playset, sandbox, and sports gear – lots of it.  And through all the changes, the BBQ area has slowly turned into a pretty great place to do outdoor cooking. Love it!

I want others to love THEIR backyards too – and a backyard you LOVE is one that suits where you’re AT in life.

What’s next for you? A chiminea? Gazebo? Trampoline? (I think a trampoline is most definitely in our future.)  Whatever it is, buying something of quality means you’ll enjoy it much longer.

And THAT is why I started this website – to help others find quality gear for their fabulous backyards so they can enjoy them like we do ours. When I was researching online for a kids playset last year, I was a bit frustrated at the lack of quality reviews I could find. I’m going to change that. And go wider afield with reviews on all sorts of the best backyard gear!

If you have a suggestion or request, ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,



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  1. I wanted to encourage you to look into the best at home training tools for kids with everything going on.  Our soccer goal is one of the best goals for that.  Kids can be at home and by themselves but still train at the highest level!! Please let me know if you have any questions.

    • Thanks for writing in, Daniel! Not sure if you’re seen our post on Best Soccer Goals for the Backyard already? We have some fantastic goals featured there that will be great for home training. I agree, kids (and adults) need to keep physically active during this “stuck at home” Covid time. All the best!


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