Fun In The Sun: Top 19 Cool Inflatable Pool Toys For Adults

Summer is just around the corner, which means it’s time to gear up for some fun in the sun! What better way to beat the heat than with some cool inflatable pool toys for adults? 

Whether you’re planning a day at the beach or a backyard pool party, these 19 inflatables will take your aquatic adventures to the next level. From giant floating unicorns to inflatable beer pong tables, there’s something for everyone on this list. So grab your sunscreen and get ready to make a splash with these awesome pool toys!

Fun In The Sun: 19 Cool Inflatable Pool Toys For Adults

GoFloats Giant Inflatable Buckin’ Bull

How’s this inflatable for a wildly good time? Besides creating a huge laugh when your guests step outside and see a BULL in your pool, it can be a fun toy for a photo shoot or themed party. The floatable drink holder is a nice extra too. GoFloats has great ratings, so you can safely assume you’ll get more than one day’s use of it too.

FUNBOY Giant Inflatable Luxury Golf Cart Pool Float

After a fun day on the golf course, cool down on a golf cart FLOATIE in your pool! It can hold 2 adults no problem, the (removable) fringe “roof” creates a bit of shade, should you want it, and it even comes with 2 drink holders! This golf cart inflatable would make a great gift for the golf fanatic in your life!

FUNBOY Giant Inflatable Luxury Bali Lounger Cabana

This cabana inflatable is a bit more expensive, but it’s a higher quality adult inflatable meant for adding some luxury and appeal to your backyard or lakefront oasis. This statement floatie can very easily fit a few friends, and you can add on or remove the shade flap as desired. Love this one!

RAVE Sports Inflatable Dock Slide

Ok, this one is officially a DOCK slide, but if you have the right style of pool edge, you can absolutely use it there as well. RAVE Sports makes high end inflatables for all sorts of fun applications, and they LAST. Although a child is pictured, yes, it can handle an adults’ weight.  

GoPong Pool Beer Pong Inflatable Set

Nothing says party like beer pong, so why not bring the fun into the pool with this beer pong inflatable set? Just remember that excessive amounts of alcohol and swimming shouldn’t mix… but fun and water should!

MoKo Heart Shaped Swim Ring Inflatable

This next one is for the romantics here. A glitter filled, heart shaped swim ring will add some serious pizazz to your next pool party. It’s designed to hold up to 440lbs in weight, and is 48″ across, so it’s not a tiny little child’s ring – yes, it’s meant for adults! 

Intex King Kool Lounge Swimming Pool Lounger with Headrest

This set is hands down one of the most popular adult pool inflatable sets on Amazon this year – nearly 7,000 glowing reviews! For a seriously inexpensive price, they apparently are pretty comfortable with the headrest and arm rests, easy to inflate, and fun! Great for an above ground pool, inground pool, or beach!

Giant Inflatable Unicorn Ride-On

Large inflatable rafts for adults like this shiny unicorn are always a good conversation starter, and oh so fun! My neighbor had one of these in her backyard pool, and I discovered it when I woke up one morning to see it “peeking over” my fence… that was a good laugh! 

Intex Floating Recliner Inflatable Lounge Chair

For those of you who love to read in your pool, or soak up the rays in a seated position, these Intex Recliners are fantastic! Intex is a big name in inflatable pools and backyard inflatable spas, so they know what they are doing when it comes to creating quality inflatables meant for adult use. 

Intex Tanning Pool Lounger

If you like to tan and you like to float, why not combine them with this floating pool lounger meant for and adult to lay in and relax? Intex quality means good quality, so you can be confident it’s not just cheap plastic. (This would be a fun “family” inflatable too!)

Inflatable Seashell Pool Floatie With Pearl Ball

Glitz and glam and photo-shootable. Why not pull out your inner mermaid and have some fun with this inflatable seashell for adults? It even comes with a pearl to complete the “I just rose from the sea” picture. 

Jet Creations Inflatable Gator (49 Inch) 

Not so glitz and glam as the seashell above would be this nasty and realistic looking gator inflatable. He’d be fun to leave out in a friend’s pool as a gag, or to give to a teen who loves reptiles as a gift. Fun to ride, crazy to look at! 

Greenco Inflatable Colorful Rolling Wheel (52 Inch)

Lots of laughs to be had in the pool with an inflatable rolling wheel! This particular one is big enough for adults (comes in at 52″ diameter). It’s colorful and awesome, and can be a great toy to enjoy alongside your kids. 

Inflatable Volleyball Set and Basketball Hoops

Have some sporty fun in the pool with a floating volleyball net or basketball hoop. Although this set isn’t what you’d consider fantastic high end quality, it will definitely do the trick and give you and your friends something to use to get your game on in the pool. 

Light Up Beach Balls (Set of 4)

If you enjoy spending time in your pool at night, light up beach balls are a super cool idea add to your collection of pool accessories. Glowing inflatables (LED) create great atmosphere for a pool party – even just seeing them in the pool creates a party vibe. 

Luxury Dragon Float by Luxy Float

At 103″ and with a weight capacity of 400lbs, this is a pretty serious inflatable, and you’ll be drawing a lot of attention as it’s SUPER COOL too. The shiny gold and fun appearance will make this unique adult floatie end up on a lot of pics. There are 2 handles on the dragons next that are great for stability and for that “I’m riding a golden dragon” pose. 🙂

Motorized Splash Runner Adult Lounge Chair

Move around your pool with ease in this motorized inflatable! Steered by joy-stock controls (batteries required, go forward and backward, left and right), you’ll be able to float and relax with a drink (cup holders included) and be in complete control of where you are located.  

Derby Duck Stars and Stripes Adult Inflatable Raft

Make a patriotic and fun statement with this awesome (and huge) raft on your next Fourth Of July pool party! This iconic duck when inflated can hold up to 250lbs, is made of quality, thick PVC vinyl, and has 2 handles so it can be easily linked up to other floaties. Talk about getting your ducks in a line! 🙂

Inflatable Diamond Ring

What better accessory for a poolside engagement party than huge inflatable diamond ring floaty? Bring the bling, bring the glamour, bring on the photo ops with this super fun adult inflatable.

Multi-purpose Inflatable Pool Hammock

These pool hammocks are amazing – super portable, quick to blow up, and can be used in multiple ways including laying or sitting. They are one of the most popular adult floaties on Amazon right now, for good reason. Affordable, practical, and comfortable, and they come in a variety of prints and sizes.

Inflatable pool toys aren’t just for kids anymore – with these 19 cool options, adults can have just as much fun in the water. Whether you’re looking to relax and float around or get competitive with some games, there’s an adult sized inflatable out there that’s perfect for you. From quirky pool floaties to high-tech water toys, these inflatables are sure to add some excitement to your summer. 

So go ahead and treat yourself to a few of these fun accessories and get ready to make a splash!

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