17 Outdoor Patio Gift Ideas (That Will Be Happily Accepted By Anyone)

17 Outdoor Patio Gift Ideas that will happily be accepted by anyone.If you’re hunting down the best outdoor patio gift ideas in order to pick out something that a friend, significant other, or family member who loves being outside on their patio will appreciate, you’re in the right place. 

One of these 17 ideas will no doubt get you started on the road to finding “the perfect gift”.  Don’t get stuck on the actual product featured… look at the item concept and personalize! 

Whether you’re shopping for a Christmas gift, a birthday gift, for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day, or even for a random event like a bbq you’ve been invited to, to which you feel you need to bring a hostess gift, there’s something here for everyone.

Enjoy browsing! 


Sun Dial

A recycled brass, heavy duty sun dial like this one makes a great patio gift. Sun dials are great conversation starters, and a classy bit of patio decor as well. Place it in a garden, on a table top, or even on the steps climbing to your porch. This particular sun dial has an anniversary themed stamp on it, of course, but there are lots of different sun dials to suit the one you hope to bless with a gift.

Table Top Fire Pit Bowl

A gift the whole family would love would be this small, concrete, portable table top fire pit bowl. There are a bunch of different aesthetic styles, but all work the same way, burning rubbing alcohol as fuel. It’s smokeless, odorless, and safe for cooking s’mores or roasting marshmallows right on your patio. Includes a fire extinguisher tool.

Mandala Wind Spinner

A beautiful, stainless steel, laser cut mandala like this one would be a lovely gift for someone who loves watching colors spin and change in the wind. There are a large variety of sizes and styles to choose from, and they come with a hook to allow for easy hanging somewhere where the wind can catch it and spin the layers. 

“Patio Rules” Outdoor Pillow

A fun outdoor pillow covered with “relax and stay a while” phrases is a full and relatively inexpensive gift for a patio lover. Go with a coordinating pair of the 18×18″ pillows or just the one, or make it part of a cozy themed basket. Note that some options require you to buy the pillow insert separately from the covers.

Wind Chimes

You’ll be bringing some sweet and lovely music to someone’s patio when you gift a set of wind chimes! This particular set is actually hand tuned to play the familiar notes of the hymn “Amazing Grace” (see video on product page at Amazon). Available in a range of colors, 29″ total, made from aluminum, and coming with 2 different size wind catchers (for more or less music). 

Decorative Solar Lanterns

Give a beautiful patio gift like these solar powered, outdoor lanterns! This pair can be hung or placed on a table top or floor, and will cast a pretty combination of light and shadows over the area around them. Made of bronze, with an antique finish, they will also be pretty decorations in the day time. A day time charge should last 8 hours at night.

Engraved Wooden Serving Tray

If the person you are gift shopping for is a hospitable person who loves serving guests, consider a customized wooden serving tray like this beautiful one here! Personalize it with text and a custom monogram. Size is approx 18 x 13″, and engraving is included in the price. If you don’t love this stain or design, there are lots of other companies that sell these types of trays online!

Wicker Outdoor Rolling Bar Cart

An elegant bar cart like this one here by Best Choice products is a lovely gift option for someone who spends a lot of time hosting get togethers on his or her patio. With an ice bucket, glass counter top, space for glasses and storage areas for bottles and serving tools, it’s practical but also eye catching.

4 Tier Bamboo Plant Stand

An outdoor vertical plant stand like this bamboo 4 tier stand is a great outdoor patio gift idea! Plants placed at various heights adds vertical interest to either a small or larger patio space. If you know your friend has a love for plants already, it’s a no-brainer! And if they don’t have a green thumb yet, feel free to add some starter plants to your gift! 

Outdoor Speakers (Bluetooth, Waterproof)

If your patio loving friend doesn’t have some already, a set of these outdoor speakers will be a welcome gift! This particular set by Polk Audio is Amazon’s choice for “best outdoor speakers” out of all of the options out there (meaning proven quality, well-priced, with a high number of positive reviews). Mount them vertically or horizontally. All weather durable and with great sound coverage, these are a good buy.

Indoor/Outdoor Throw Blanket

Both pretty and practical. All hosts want their guests to feel comfortable on their patios, also in chilly weather, and having a beautiful throw blanket available to share is great! These Boho throws are super soft and lightweight (yet warm), non-shedding and washable. Several different patterns and colors available.

Dart Board With Cabinet

If you’re shopping for a friend who has a patio with a nice roof over it, and a bare spot on the walls perfect for a dart board, this could be the gift that knocks his socks off. A top quality dart board complete with a cabinet that closes and locks, and all accessories needed to kick off hours of fun. Easy to hang, official tournament size bulls eye.

Hanging Bird Bath

Another outdoor patio gift idea would be a hanging bird bath, like this colorful glass hanging one. The sun will catch the glass pieces and the colorful bits will attract all sorts of feathered friends! Note that bird seed can be placed on it instead of water so it can function as a bird feeder instead of a bath. Just expect hours of entertainment to result from this gift!

Hanging Patio Loveseat

Very few people can resist climbing into one of these swinging patio seats. These are built for two adults (or a parent and young children), and are perfect for a lazy afternoon on a patio. With a variety of styles and color options, you’ll find one that suits your loved one well. These aren’t cheap, but they would make a fantastic patio gift.

Decorative Outdoor Thermometer

A nice looking outdoor thermometer like this one sure beats the traditional cheap plastic white ones that most people end up putting up. Made from durable polyresin, this one’s antique ivory finish and raised “fleur” make it quite the improvement, and a gift that will be well received. 

Mosquito Zapper

Show you know your friend well by gifting him or her this mosquito zapper. An electric (plug in) zapper will make sitting on the patio a bit more pleasant in those hours (or seasons) when the bugs are annoying everyone.  

Unbreakable Stemless Wine Glasses

Perfect for serving drinks on a patio where a moment of clumsiness will mean glass shattering on patio stones. These stemless wine glasses are shatterproof, dishwasher safe, and are made from a plastic material that looks like crystal clear glass.  
Wine glasses like these are a classy hostess gift option, or a great choice for adults you don’t know well (yet). Add a bottle of wine if you wish, and you’ll be all set.
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