Is A Backyard Above Ground Pool Worth It?

Is an above ground pool worth it?

Hey there, pool skeptic! Let’s chat about backyard above ground pools. If you’re considering one but aren’t convinced yet that it’s the direction you want to go in, I’m here to tell you that having an above-ground pool in your backyard is not just a good idea but an absolute game-changer. There are a bunch of reasons why backyard above ground pools (whether permanent, semi-permanent, or blow up) are so well worth the expense and effort. Let’s take a look: Affordability: Above Ground Pools Are Affordable First things first, let’s talk money, my friend. While in-ground pools can drain your … Read more

The Rise and Evolution of Vertical Pellet Smokers

XXL PRO Vertical Pellet Smoker by Camp Chef

When it comes to outdoor cooking, the pursuit of flavor perfection has driven enthusiasts to explore various grills and smokers. In recent years, a rising star has emerged in the world of barbecue – the vertical pellet smoker. Combining the efficiency of pellet grills with the space-saving design of vertical smokers, these innovative cooking appliances have become a game-changer for both seasoned pitmasters and casual backyard cooks. In this exploration of the history and evolution of vertical pellet smokers, we’ll uncover why these culinary wonders are well worth adding to your outdoor cooking arsenal. The Genesis of Pellet Grills To … Read more

Can Dogs Drink Pond Water? No. Here’s Why.

Can Dogs Drink Pond Water? No... Here's Why.

Planning a hike by a pond? Don’t let your dog stop by the water for a nice, refreshing drink… or you might find yourself with a not so nice vet bill, and your pet with some not so nice illnesses. Find out why you shouldn’t let your dog drink pond water.

How Do Inflatable Hot Tubs Work? Answers To FAQs About Inflatable Spas

Inflatable Hot Tub FAQs - How Does An Inflatable Hot Tub Work?

Are you dreaming of a luxurious spa experience in the comfort of your own backyard? Look no further than an inflatable hot tub! Not only are they affordable and easy to set up, but they also offer all the relaxation and therapeutic benefits of a traditional hot tub. But how do inflatable hot tubs work? What are their advantages and disadvantages? And how do you properly maintain them? Keep reading for answers to these questions and more, as we explore the world of inflatable hot tubs and help you decide if they’re the right choice for you.