AlleyOOP DoubleBounce Trampoline Review

If you’re currently researching backyard trampolines, you’ve likely come across the AlleyOOP DoubleBounce Trampoline. It’s widely considered to be the cream of the crop when it comes to safety, bounce, and build quality.

This review of the AlleyOOP DoubleBounce trampoline by JumpSport will dig deep into those claims and see if it’s big price tag makes this trampoline a good investment for your active family or a waste of money.

We’ll look at:

  1. A Quick Overview and Product Specs
  2. The Safety Features That (Supposedly) Set This Trampoline Apart From Others
  3. The Targeted Demographic
  4. What Is The PowerBounce Add On?
  5. The AlleyOOP vs Springfree
  6. What Owners Like And Dislike About The AlleyOOP
  7. Pros and Cons Summary – Do I Recommend This Trampoline To My Readers?
  8. Who Sells The AlleyOOP
  9. Best Places To Purchase (And Why There)

Ready? Here we go!

Product Specifications – A Quick Overview

  • Size: The AlleyOOP DoubleBounce trampoline is a 14 foot round, heavy duty trampoline. The 14′ is the measurement from the outside edge, so the actual black jumping mat is not 14′, but rather approx 12′ round.
  • Height: The jumping mat is 40″ off the ground, with the safety enclosure an additional 6′ of height, bringing the entire trampoline height to be just over 9′ tall.
  • Number of Springs: There are 128 black springs that are 9.25″ long.
  • Trampoline Weight: The trampoline itself weighs over 400lbs.
  • Weight Restrictions: Max single user 250lb, unless you add the “Power Bounce” option, which ups the max single user to 300lbs.  “Real world testing” by JumpSport has a combined weight max at 800 lbs though, so it WILL be able to handle a group of teenagers!
  • Clearance Area: AlleyOOP trampolines recommend a 3′ clearance around the trampoline, so you can fit it perfectly into a 20′ x 20′ yard. (Other trampolines that do not have the same quality safety net require 5′ clearance minimum.)


The Safety Features That (Supposedly) Set This Trampoline Apart From Others

AlleyOOP trampolines are what I’d consider to be the safest trampolines out there. And as a parent who fears my kids getting hurt on a trampoline (trampoline injuries are an extremely common reason for kids to visit the ER), safety matters a lot to me, and so I’m going to dig in pretty deep here and discuss it pretty in depth.

Patented Double Bounce

The AlleyOOP DoubleBounce trampoline isn’t called “double bounce” because you can “double bounce” your jumping mate really well on here. It’s called Double Bounce because they’ve patented a safety feature that is, in essence, a secondary jumping mat. Set up 8″ under the top one, it’s a “doubled” bouncing mat.

Why would they do this? How is it a safety feature? Do you notice it?

  • A secondary mat forms a giant air pillow that acts as a shock absorber during a jump. The trapped air between the two mats absorbs the bounce, greatly reducing (by an estimated 50%) the stress on your legs and ankles as you land.
  • It makes having varied weight jumpers on there together not nearly as dangerous. Traditionally, a big person can accidently (or purposefully) “double bounce” a smaller child quite easily due to bed kick back, and that’s often when the littles get hurt as they are sent flying out of control or find their legs buckling dangerously. The double mat feature absorbs a significant amount of that bed kickback, lessening the double bounce possibility, and thus making it much safer for pairs or groups.
  • Lighter weight children won’t notice even the second pad, nor will those are a bit heavier (100lb +) who add on the PowerBounce feature (see below).

Unique “PianoSprings”

The springs on a trampoline are what make a trampoline bouncy. It’s not a bouncy MAT. 🙂

So, to make AlleyOOP trampolines have an absolutely fantastic bounce, the company went with tempered, high-carbon steel PIANO wire for the 128 springs, and gave them a tapered, wide barrel design. This material and shape, they discovered, stretches for a longer time than does lower quality steel springs, and yet bounces back to shape, strength, and position immediately (like the keys bounce back on a piano) every time.

Overlapping Doorway

safety firstSo many backyard trampolines have broken zippers, velcro that doesn’t stick, or kids jumping on them who haven’t bothered to close the entry because it takes too long.  Definitely a safety issue!

The AlleyOOP has an overlapping entryway, which lets children climb in and out with no need to open or close anything! As a parent, I appreciate that the safety net is always 360° of protection, no matter how forgetful or rushed my child is!

Quality Frame Pad with Resting Zones

Parents are usually worried about kids getting their fingers or feet caught in or between springs. It’s a common reason people turn to Springfree Trampolines (see below: AlleyOOP DoubleBounce vs Springfree Trampolines). The designers of the AlleyOOP trampolines made sure that this wouldn’t be a problem here. The pad they chose and built is a professional gym-quality pad that completely covers the springs and frame.

So many trampoline pads end up looking old and torn already after the first year, but this pad is covered by a thicker, reinforced, UV and water resistant PVC outer shell and will stay looking great much longer. The warranty is 2 years on the pad, and replacements are available through JumpSport.

The pad is also thick enough to easily bear the weight of adults and children standing on it, and comfortable enough to land on, should a bounce go wild. For the safety net attaches to the outside of the pad, leaving the pad to act as a resting zone, a safe, non-moving space away from the constantly moving mat.

Heavy Duty Frame With Lifetime Warranty

The frame is one seriously heavy duty frame. Built of cold rolled steel, galvanized and powder coated, reinforced with plates and additional welded sleeves, it literally comes with a lifetime warranty. Enough said.

Simply The Best Safety Net Out There

All trampolines now come with safety nets, whether they are inside or outside the frame pad. They have been proven to greatly reduce the risk of injury, as they prevent jumpers from accidently bouncing or falling off of the trampoline or landing on the frame itself.

Safety nets were actually invented by one of JumpSport’s founders, Mark Publicover. And it is JumpSport that sells AlleyOOP trampolines. This company truly believes in the value of the safety net in making backyard bouncing safe.

The safety net on the AlleyOOP DoubleBounce is rated safe for up to 295lbs – meaning, an almost 300lb adult can SLAM into the net safely. The weight of the impact is evenly distributed through the system, and the jumper is securely and safely guided back to the mat before he/she knows what happened! Interestingly, the support straps that hold the net up to the top of the frames have been tested to 3,500 pounds!

The net itself is made of thick, braided strands woven into a “wide aperature”, meaning that kids can grab onto the net easily when taking a break using the net to hold themselves upright if they wanted to.

This video here shows how well the safety net works!

What Is The Targeted Demographic For The AlleyOOP?

  1. Parents who are willing to pay for the safest jumping experience for their kids, whether there be one or multiple kids on it at once.
  2. Serious jumpers and tumblers (although if your child is in gymnastics, you may want to look more specifically at the Best Trampolines For Gymnastics)
  3. Those who want a top quality, heavy duty backyard trampoline that will last for years (great warranty, and impressive quality to start with).
  4. Parents with rough and tumble teenagers who want something sturdy that’s able to handle active play.

What Is The “PowerBounce” Add On?

If you are buying a trampoline for big kids, as in, over 100lbs, or if you want to maximize the bounciness of the trampoline, you can purchase what AlleyOOP calls the “PowerBounce” add on. It’s a customizable second set of springs that you attach to the mat in addition to the 128 original springs. You can select one of three different power settings, to fine tune the tightness to however you want it.  It costs an additional $350 at time of writing.

“Our exclusive PowerBounce technology gives you “the world’s bounciest trampoline,” and can be added at any time to any AlleyOOP, JumpSport Elite, or JumpSport Classic trampolines (except SoftBounce models). Ideal for bouncers 100 lb or more and/or for athletic bouncers, gymnasts, parkour enthusiasts, or larger jumpers. PowerBounce boosts bounce performance, enhances shock-absorption, and is perfect for use with our ProFlex Basketball Set.” — JumpSport



AlleyOOP DoubleBounce vs Springfree:  How Do They Compare?

Many parents who are debating the purchase of a high quality trampoline also research Springfree Trampolines. This video here is a fantastic comparison video to watch if you’re debating an AlleyOOP vs a Springfree. It’s well worth watching.

As you just heard, the AlleyOOP DoubleBounce is much safer on all fronts! As a parent myself, I think the biggest differences that impress me are:

  • Seeing the teens literally and intentionally THROWING themselves at the safety net on the AlleyOOP and it not budging, while they tumble awkwardly down the bending Springfree walls when they tried the same there.
  • Seeing the bounce height, and how straight their ankles land compared to the Springfree (and having bounced on a Springfree myself a few times, I can relate to that slightly strange landing feel).
  • The safety zones around the edges on the AlleyOOP where the non-bouncers can await their turn. Springfree trampolines do not have this, but rather require the laborious unzipping/zipping to switch bouncers – or require kids to risk getting bumped into if they remain on it when not bouncing.
  • Seeing the impressive bounce remains all around the mat of the AlleyOOp, not just near the center, like on the Springfree.


What Owners Like And Dislike About The AlleyOOP DoubleBounce

After reading through as many reviews of this trampoline as I could find, I can honestly say that there really isn’t anything BAD to warn you about! Are there things that owners griped about? Yes.

  1. trampoline pros and consPrice Tag
  2. That it didn’t come with a ladder, even at such a high price
  3. That assembly was a bit of a lengthy process, taking upwards of 5 hours on average
  4. That it was too heavy for one person to move alone when they were cutting the grass

Overall, however, the reviews were simply glowing. HUGE bounce (even without the Power Bounce addition). Really great quality. Super heavy duty. Great customer service from JumpSport (bending over backwards to help). Amazing safety net. Looks great in the backyard. Etc.


Pros And Cons – Do I Recommend It?

If you can afford the price tag (over $2000), this is a PHENOMENAL trampoline. Every aspect has been carefully inspected, redesigned, reinvented, and adjusted to make it both exceptionally safe and extremely fun.

Yes. I wholeheartedly recommend it. 


Who Is The Manufacturer? (AlleyOop Trampoline Reviews)

The AlleyOOP DoubleBounce 14′ trampoline is made by JumpSport, a company that specializes in both backyard and fitness trampolines. They are known for being the company that designed the first safety net, and have patented other safety features (including DoubleBounce) since then.

Safety is definitely one of the company’s biggest pillars, as the company was one of 35 founding members of the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s (CPSC) “Product Safety Circle”.

Although the company is based in the US, their product manufacturing transitioned “overseas” as of the 2000s in order to remain competitive. (Wikipedia)

JumpSport has been in business for over 25 years and is respected widely for their amazing customer service. They offer great warranties on their products too!

The AlleyOOP DoubleBounce warranty, by the way, includes: Steel Frame & Poles – Lifetime, Jumping Mat and Enclosure Net – 10 years, Springs – 5 years, Trampoline Pad – 2 years, All Other Components – 1 year


Where To Purchase This Trampoline

While I’ve found a few places that sell this particular trampoline, I’d strongly recommend getting an item of this price tag and size directly from the manufacturer.  While it’s a good idea to check the current price and availability on as well (sometimes they offer deals even cheaper than the listing on JumpSport) purchasing your trampoline directly from JumpSport and registering it right away there helps you have peace of mind that your warranty will be intact, and that their customer service team be there to help you from purchase to first jump and beyond.

Also, be sure to look at the banner on the top of their website for promo codes currently in effect! I’ve often seen them offering promo codes for up to $250 off, and they regularly offer both free shipping to the continental US, and 0% 3 month financing should that interest you.

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