What Can I Put In My Compost Bin? 79 Things You Can Compost

You can compost more than you think. It’s amazing once you start digging into “what can I put in my compost bin”. You discover that there are SO many items that will decompose nicely… it’s not just fruit and vegetable scraps, although they are the most well known. Composting IS a great way to use up food waste, but don’t forget to consider other household products, pet-related items, and things outside your house for more compost bin additions! What follows is a list of 79 things that you can add to your compost bin. Some may surprise you! But all will add something to your mix, and return nutrients or … Read more

10 Best Digital Electric Smokers in 2020

Love the taste and texture of slowly smoked food, but don’t love babysitting your charcoal or propane smoker all day? One of these best digital electric smokers of 2020 could very well make you an addict to smoking – smoking food, that is. Set, forget, and later, come back and FEAST! Check out these reviews.

10 Best Inflatable Hot Tubs of 2020

Best Inflatable Hot Tubs 2018: Reviews of the Best Portable Hot Tubs

Reviews and a buying guide: check out the 10 best inflatable hot tubs of 2020. Enjoy the benefits and luxury of hot tub ownership but without the hassles or price tag that comes with a permanent fixture. 10 portable, inflatable hot tubs that’ll impress and amaze you.

15 Best Free Standing Hammocks + A Buying Guide

Best Free Standing Hammock Guide 2018

Looking for the perfect free standing hammock for your backyard, patio, or cottage? Here are the 15 best free standing hammocks along with a buying guide for selecting the right style of hammock for your own personal needs. Brazilian, spreader bar, camping hammock, chairs, and more!

Best Trampolines For Teenagers (Or For Adults Who Still Love To Bounce)

10 Best Trampolines For Teenagers (Or Adults Who Still Love To Bounce)

If you are looking to buy a trampoline for your teenagers, not just any model on the market will do. You’ll need to be intentional about picking out one of the best trampolines for teenagers, because not all models are designed with the same jumpers in mind. See this selection of top rated high weight capacity trampolines for 2020.

12 Best Gas Powered Leaf Blowers of 2020

Clearing leaves on a large property can be a huge job, but less work if you have a good blower in your arsenal. If you’re looking for power and longevity of use, you’ll want to pick up one of the best gas powered leaf blowers. There are different types and styles of gas powered leaf blowers available, so selecting the right one for YOU can help ensure you’re happy with your purchase.

12 Best Soccer Goals For the Backyard 2020

Best Soccer Goals For The Backyard

If your yard is perfect for a game of soccer but lacking a proper soccer goal, pick up one of these best soccer goals for the backyard and get playing! Reviews of Pop Ups, Portables, and more.

How To Keep Cats Out Of Your Garden

How To Keep Cats Out Of The Garden

HOW do you keep cats out of your garden? How can you train them to leave your garden alone? Let’s take a look today at some tried, true, and unique ideas for getting Felix to stop using your garden as his litter box, your shrubs as scratching posts, and your vegetable patches as sunbathing destinations.